It all began in a country kitchen in the small South Carolina town of Nichols, where a little girl named Tieasha (Ty) sat watching her super sassy, sharp tongued, and loving Great Grandmother Betty Jean, making her famous Pig Pickin’ cake. It never really mattered what dessert she was making, it was simply a joy just  to be around her because you were guaranteed to laugh in her presence while enjoying the process of watching her take everyday ingredients and turning them into something delicious that made others happy.  This forever intrigued Ty and sparked her love of baking.  Her Pig Pickin’ cake still causes the family to reminisce about her, that’s also why we have never made or attempted to make one.

Her amazing baking skills galvanized her oldest  great granddaughter Ty, to learn how to bake completely from scratch, using only the finest ingredients with no preservatives.  Later inspiring Betty Jean’s Bakery a full line bakery where delicious products are produced daily.



Our team will make your visit an unforgettable one.


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